VERY IMPORTANT for all uses of Finex panels

  • Only install perfectly dry panels (let pallets dry for 72 hours, individual panels for 24 hours).

  • Leave an expansion joint of at least 1/8’’ between panels. If a flexible adhesive sealant is used on a 4' x 8' panel installation, leave a minimum space of 1/2" (12 mm) along the width of the panels and 1/4" (6 mm) along the length. A polyurethane base sealant is recommended such as : Sika Flex Construction Sealant.

  • Please note: The installation of Finex panels with adhesive sealant or finishing products should not be considered as a waterproofing system. Is such a system is required, put it in place before you install the Finex panels or after with a fluid-applied waterproofing system, refer to the waterproofing system manufacturer installation guide.

  • Pre-drill screw holes 1/16’’ wider than the screw diameter.

General Handling Guidelines

  • Carry panels on their side, not flat.
  • Corners and edges are fragile before installation.
  • Store panels flat, inside or with adequate protection.

Working with Finex Fiber Cement Panels

Cutting Drilling Countersinking
Screwing Sealant Patch Screw Heads


Deck/Patio/Balcony [Installation Guide]

  • Plan for a 1/8’’per foot slope for drainage
  • Work with straight joists, 16’’ O/C
  • Use 1-1/2" stainless steel screws (or suited for substrate)
  • Screw every 12’’, ¾’’ from the edge, double joists at joints
  • Provide proper support along the full perimeter of the panel.
  • File, rasp or router along the edges for a smoother, bullnose finish
  • Finex fiber cement panels can be installed over an existing concrete surface (level surface and use 1/2” panel).


Heat-Screen / Stove Base [Installation Guide]

  • Finished panel: sanding, ceramic tiles, decorative stones, etc. not required
  • Allows stove to be 66% closer to the wall
  • Use 1/4” for heat-screen, ½” for stove base
  • ULC S-632 approved
  • Application of ceramic tiles or decorative stones not recommended
  • Use heat-resistant paint
  • R-Value of a 1/2" panel is 0.29 and 0.14 for a 1/4" panel


Protection/Finish of Foundation Wall Insulation and ICFs [Foundation Installation Guide]

  • Quicker and more durable than mortar and stucco
  • Use ¼’’ panel, 4’ lengths
  • Minimum 12’’ ground penetration
  • Fasten every 24’’
  • Install flashing


Wall and Ceiling [Installation Guide]

  • (Wall) Studs spaced 16’’ O/C (24’’ O/C for dry areas)
  • (Ceiling) Joists or rafters spaced a maximum of 24’’ O/C
  • Use ¼’’ panel , 1-1/4’’ screw



Download the Complete Installation Guide in PDF format
Download the Finex Fiber Cement Panels MSDS

Download the Finex Fiber Cement Panels Technical Data Sheet

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