FINEX - Multipurpose

High-Density Multipurpose Fiber Cement Panels

FINEX versatile smooth and textured panels


Composite cement panel consisting of a Portland cement compound reinforced with synthetic fibers and additives. Durable and structural, the versatile Finex fiber cement panel is press-manufactured for rigidity and moisture resistance. It has a natural, non-uniform cement gray color, is non-combustible, rot-proof, and requires no additional protective treatment. The panels can be easily cut into tiles, strips, and any other shape to fit anywhere.

Half-inch panels

½" (12mm) Panels, horizontal and vertical applications.

Available in 4' by 8' (1.22 m by 2.44 m) or 4' by 10' (1.22 m by 3.05 m)

Quarter-inch panels

¼" (6mm) Panels, vertical applications only.

Available in 4' by 4' (1.22 m by 1.22 m) or 4' by 8' (1.22 m by 2.44 m)

FINEX Panels are Resistant to water

Corrosion / Water

Multipurpose Panels Characteristics

    Panel Installation Procedure


    General installation guidelines for Finex panels

    • Only install panels that are completely dry. Let panels dry on a flat surface prior to installation (72 hours in pallets / 24 hours individually).
    • Always leave a space for expansion. Leave a minimum space of 1/8” (3 mm) between panels. If a flexible adhesive sealant is used, leave a minimum space of 1/2” (12 mm) along the width of the panels and 1/4” (6 mm) along the length. A polyurethane base sealant is recommended.Sika Flex Construction Sealant
    • Pre-drill a larger hole. Pre-drill holes that are 5/64” (2 mm) larger than the diameter of the screws that will be used.

    Handling procedures

    • Carry panels on their side, not flat;
    • Corners and edges are fragile before installation;
    • Store panels flat, inside or with adequate protection.

    Required tools and equipment



    Carbide or diamond tip blade, masonry blade



    Use concrete bit



    Use concrete bit



    3/4" substrate penetrationt

    Patch Screw Heads with Finex Finishing Screw Compound

    Patch Screw Heads

    Use FINEX Screw Finishing Compound

    Patch Screw Heads with Finex Finishing Screw Compound

    Apply sealant

    Leave adequate spacing. If required, fill the expansion joint with caulking.


    Decks, balconies and patios

    • Plan for a 1/8" per foot slope for drainage;
    • Work with straight joists, 16" O/C;
    • Use 1-1/2" stainless steel screws (or suited for substrate);
    • Screw every 12", ¾" from the edge, double joists at joints;
    • Provide proper support along the full perimeter of the panel;
    • File, rasp or router along the edges for a smoother, bullnose finish;
    • Finex fiber cement panels can be installed over an existing concrete surface (level surface and use 1/2” panel).

    Heat-Screen / Stove Base

    • Finished panel: sanding, ceramic tiles, decorative stones, etc. not required;
    • Allows stove to be 66% closer to the wall;
    • Use 1/4" for heat-screen, ½" for stove base;
    • ULC S-632 approved;
    • Application of ceramic tiles or decorative stones not recommended;
    • Use heat-resistant paint;
    • R-Value of a 1/2" panel is 0.29 and 0.14 for a 1/4" panel.

    Protection/Finish of Foundation Wall Insulation and ICFs

    • Quicker and more durable than mortar and stucco;
    • Use ¼" panel, 4' lengths;
    • Minimum 12" ground penetration;
    • Fasten every 24";
    • Install flashing.

    Wall and Ceiling

    • (Wall) Studs spaced 16" O/C (24" O/C for dry areas);
    • (Ceiling) Joists or rafters spaced a maximum of 24" O/C;
    • Use ¼’’ panel , 1-1/4" screw .

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